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1. What do I enjoy doing?

When you are truly engrossed in an activity, it doesn’t feel like work, and time flies while you are doing it. Think about what engages your attention, grab a notebook and list as many things as possible that you enjoy doing.

Avoid becoming one of those people that wish they’d done things differently when they were younger by keeping in mind that happiness is a crucial factor in choosing the right career path – your working life can last for fifty years or more, so think carefully about what fulfils you.

2. What am I good at?

Whether you’re a budding artist, or have a way with words, take note of your abilities. Keep in mind that talents aren’t just academic. For example, whilst you may have a knack for essay writing, you may also have a talent for persuading people towards your way of thinking – a skill that many people working in the sales industry possess.

Social media can be a great place to showcase your skills, especially sites like LinkedIn where you can add areas of expertise at the bottom of your profile, and your connections can endorse you for these areas. For example, you could be endorsed for being good at public speaking, or for being a proficient user of a specific computer program. Read more about finding work with social media as an international student.

3. What do I want to get out of my career?

Think about what you want to achieve or take away from your career – would you like to travel? Would you like to meet lots of new people? Or would you like to be your own boss and have your own business? Take note of what you’d like to get out of your working life and stay focused on your goals so you can achieve success.

4. How do my studies relate to a future career?

Owning a degree is very powerful and can be highly instrumental in finding a good career in your home country. In addition to the everyday skills you gain from university, the amount of academic knowledge you acquire can make it difficult to narrow down the type of job to go for.

Perhaps you’ve studied an English degree and have acquired strong analytical and communication skills from your studies – there’s a whole host of careers you could go into where these abilities would be required, such as marketing or teaching. Make sure you mention the relevant skills and experience you’ve obtained from your studies when applying for roles, and uncover our top tips on how to write a good CV for your future job applications.

And if you’re feeling stuck on what types of jobs to apply for, use our course finder to see what potential career paths you could explore in your home country, depending on what discipline you studied.

5. What impact do I want to make on the world?

Are you seeking a career that makes a difference to people’s lives? Or maybe you’d like to make a big impact in a certain industry with a new invention?

Asking yourself what effect you’d like to make on the world may seem like a deep question, but thinking about how your dreams can make a difference to your life and others, is a huge motivator in determining your perfect career. Discover our must-read, inspirational quotes to help you get started in dreaming big.


Suryadatta Group of Institutes has always tried to gauge new possibilities in the ever evolving education sector. Today along with the Traditional academic streams, exciting and creative job sectors are expanding rapidly and Mass Communication is one of them.

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