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Event management is a huge industry which has a big impact on companies and brands in general. Managing an event isn’t a child’s play and everything revolves around various forms of planning and execution. An industry that is as versatile and dynamic such as event management is bound to evolve faster than one can think of. Previously, event management was all about face-to-face seminars, meetings, conferences, exhibitions, product-launches etc. However, with the digital revolution, the face of event management has changed drastically. Therefore the need to have better schools that have dedicated programs toward event management has grown more than ever.

Event management: How it began

Event management existed even before the 19th century. In fact, every era had people with skills of managing an event. Event management as a crucial skill started to surface in the 20th century where people no longer relied upon limited resources and started needing a professional hand in carrying out complex events. The need for face to face meetings and large-scale events started growing with the advent of industrialization. And decades later, the rise of globalization put the final stamp on the need of event management to rise as an independent industry.

The transition from event planning to event designing-

The core of event management has always been to inspire people to come together for a collective, innovative collaboration. Events soon started shaping up with basic stages of planning, marketing, production execution, and post-production. With more and more demands and the need for customization, designing an event became crucial for success.  The need was to focus on the more creative management of events than just the logistics. Right from décor to lighting, furniture, centerpieces even having the right music, gifts were being designed suitably. People started emphasizing on the look and feel of the event to make it more stunning. Today, event designing is all about adding the right sparkle and ambience to the event.

Technological advancements-

Apart from the change in approach and purpose in event management; technology has been a big game-changer in the evolutionary process of event management. It has not only brought the world closer, it has bridged gaps with regards to time and space. Digital evolution has also introduced various creative ways for reaching out to people for events. Smartphones, desktop apps, mobile apps have made events efficient and manageable. It has helped people get all tasks organized, managed and executed without losing much time and efforts and making the event happenings accessible to all at once. Events can now also be conducted online through webinars and video conferences.

The role of Social Media-

Social media has a huge role to play when it comes to events. Reaching out to people and knowing their preferences and designing an event as per the demands have become effortless through social media. Social Media has made it possible to have better networks, have authentic information, and keep people updated about events. This has helped companies to maximize the chances of event-success.

Roles in Event Management-What’s in it for you?

With a growing demand for event management industry, the career options and employment opportunities have seen a staggering growth in demand.  An entirely new set of skills, roles have become predominant in the market through the evolving landscape of event management.  This has given rise to the institutes that teach event management as a core program. Several B-schools and institutes now design courses that not only offer a degree in event management, but an equal emphasis is given to recognizing and producing talent that can redefine the event industry and its goals.

Suryadatta Institute of Mass Communication & Event Management (SIMCEM) is one such reputed Institute in Pune to have a well-designed diploma program for event management; one that recognizes the need of outstanding talent to be given to the market. Our core values resonate with the philosophy of focusing on academic excellence with training on life-skills to create outstanding talent. With excellent placements in national and multinational companies, we reinforce the belief of value-based education with the emphasis on implementation and corporate success.

In order to know more, please log on to www.suryadatta.org to get a thorough knowledge of event management and a host of other education programs that will enrich your professional life in the global competitive market.




Suryadatta Group of Institutes has always tried to gauge new possibilities in the ever evolving education sector. Today along with the Traditional academic streams, exciting and creative job sectors are expanding rapidly and Mass Communication is one of them.

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